Our Four Distinct Services of our Business

Each of the four boxes in our logo represent the separate and distinct aspects of our business.
TFSN is organized around four objectives and services:

Financial Planning

A well defined financial plan is a roadmap that clarifies client goals. It identifies measurable outcomes. It is a FLUID document that adapts to the client’s changing life circumstances.

Wealth Management

Whether it be eliminating debt, building a portfolio, or managing potential risks, our process helps our clients identify the dangers that they fear, the opportunities that are present and the strengths of their situation so that they have the best opportunity to realize their desired outcomes.

Corporate Solutions

Whether it be a 401(k), a 403(B) or other retirement plan, we partner with top quality plan sponsors and third-party administrators to provide true value to both the sponsor and the participant. Additionally, we help business owners with tax efficient executives benefits and succession planning strategies.


Ben Franklin defined philanthropy as “doing well by doing good”. Whether it be through our non-profit partner, Commitment 2 Kids, Inc., or assistance to our clients in their charitable planning, we believe in the value of giving back and paying forward.

Our Process

Our process is designed to clarify our clients’ values and goals and help them create outcomes that allow their money to serve them, rather than them serving their money.

Implementation Strategy

  • We make certain we understand our clients’ desired outcomes
  • We breakdown complexities into understandable components
  • We create step-by-step accountability measures
  • We help monitor the progress and communicate regularly

The TFSN Client Advantage

We help our clients simplify their financial progress and record keeping through our online monitoring system. Watch the short video to learn more.

The video below is one way of how we help our clients record and simplify their financial progress.

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